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– Corey DeBruyn, President

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The Electricians is on a journey to be the electrical services and sustainability leader for the businesses and communities that we serve. We are and will continue to invest significant time and resources in order to achieve our goal to better serve our clients. Now begins the fun:

1. During April of 2020 we launched a cloud based platform called EISA Performance. EISA Performance provides leaders with a structured approach to creating a highly engaged and innovative culture. Two critical characteristics of highly successful and sustainable businesses.

2. We are engaged with EISA, the Engagement, Innovation & Sustainability Alliance. EISA is a network of sustainability leaders and performance improvement experts. Together with EISA leaders, The Electricians will be able to deliver industry-first and world class sustainability solutions. 

3. We will conduct a series of sustainability seminars designed to inspire, engage, and innovate: stay tuned. We look forward to engaging with you if you are a business and community leader, or an individual who cares deeply about our ability as a community to be sustainable.

We will do what it takes to ensure none of the above applies to you.

Corey DeBruyn

Crysti Reavely
Office Manager


“The following is in regards to the service provided by The Electricians. Reliable, respond to emergency situations in a timely fashion, cost effective, and work in a professional manner within the school system.”

Louis Szobota – Maintenance Lead Hand,
Grand Erie District School Board


“I would recommend The Electricians to anyone looking for good service. Anytime I call Corey for service, I will hear from him almost immediately. Corey has reliable, efficient and friendly employees who know their job well and make you feel comfortable. It is always a pleasure working with             The Electricians.”

Bonnie McKay – Executive Assistant,
Brant Family and Children’s Services

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Highly engaged employees are 480% more committed to their employer’s success. Are your people highly engaged?


Business leaders are consistently presented with a false dilemma regarding the current sustainability paradigm.


When strategy leads, success follows. Are you confident that your business has the right strategy for the future?


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