We are a full service electrical contracting company that has serviced our community for over 30 years, gratefully interacted with more than 5,000 clients, and currently possess over 240,000 hours of electrical service experience on our team – that is who we are.

We believe the reasons why we are in business are far more significant if you are an existing client or considering to be one:

1. We have no greater responsibility than to keep families, employees, and properties safe from the extreme dangers of electricity.

2. We must keep the heartbeat (electricity) of your business or home, beating. Without it, most businesses can’t operate and life at home can become absolutely miserable.

3. Finally, it is our moral responsibility to help our local and global community become sustainable.

To achieve our goals as a sustainability leader, The Electricians will focus on the ways in which we can contribute to achieving the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. It is our hope that you will allow our team to engage with you in order to create a much more sustainable world.

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