The great awakening, are you part of it?

Business leaders who fail to develop and implement an Industry 4.0 strategy for the delivery of their products or services risk being in the position of trying to play catch up. Or even worse, becoming irrelevant and going out of business.

The vast majority of businesses lack the skills to lead their transformation. They are less proactive in protecting their data and not as prepared to face the cybersecurity threats in complex and hyper-connected infrastructure systems.

Industry 4.0 is opening up new opportunities to innovate and flourish. The potential implications for overall business performance improvements, including business growth are significant.

Where will your business, your career, and your employees be when the dust settles?

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EISA Performance.

It’s all about the delivery of more success with less effort for the EISA team and its alliance members. As highlighted by the 3Ps in our logo favicon, the focus of our attention is Profit, People, and Planet.

In 2019 our team developed an engagement and innovation platform called EISA Performance. It was designed specifically for our network of global independent consultants. EISA Performance provides a structured approach to deliver engagement, innovation, and resource life extension success for their clients.

EISA Performance also delivers critical real-time engagement and innovation data to business leaders. In addition, EISA Performance provides powerful performance improvement tools using the well proven, plan, do, check, act process. The platform has a smartphone application that leaders and employees can use to be directly engaged in performance improvement efforts.

EISA Performance can be implemented in any business environment and is available to businesses through our alliance partners.

Technology agnostic

Our organization made the decision not to anchor ourselves to a single data tool, IoT ecosystem, or analytics platform. Why, it’s all about our customer. Here are four specific reasons for our approach:

  • We are able to focus on the big picture strategy instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
  • We can develop solutions that are based on the priorities of our client.
  • We can be as tech-forward or backward-compatible as needed. This means there is no need to worry about legacy equipment.
  • We can build a team of problem solvers, not programs.

Helping us to successfully navigate the technology landscape is NEXIONA, an Industry 4.0 leader. Their approach to data privacy, which is the single greatest concern of C-suite business leaders that are looking to adopt IoT solutions, is second to none.

Finally, our technolgy agnostic philosophy means that we are incentivized, purely, on the success of a client’s project.

Energy management.

Regardless of how much energy a business consumes, when leadership looks at energy management through the prism of engagement, innovation, and resource-life extension, their opportunities for performance improvement across an entire organization can be profound.

Currently, energy consumption for most companies is invisible because they have no real-time energy management system. They are dependent upon receiving a monthly energy bill that has no way of preventing energy waste.

Our waste elimination and prevention experts are capable of delivering programs that can accelerate the need business leaders have for a performance improvement cultural revolution within their business.

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