It’s all about what we can do for you and your business. 

We are the Engagement, Innovation & Sustainability Alliance (EISA). The reason we are in business: To improve business and individual performance. We help businesses, their leaders and their employees achieve more success with less effort.  

When it comes to engagement with our clients, we always tell the truth as we see it – based on our years of performance improvement experience and knowing what works and what doesn’t. We have a great deal of empathy for the challenge business leaders are facing today. We always work based on your needs and your schedule, never ours.  

Some say we have an attitude, we agree. We believe in the greater good of people and their capabilities. We believe that leaders and their employees can better sustain their business and our planet when they focus on taking care of themselves first. 

Our strength lies in our independence.

Our alliance members are talented independent consultants from around the globe. They are capable of providing temporary compentency needs, access to specialist compentencies, or the flexibility in task solving when a company lacks the appropriate resources at a local level. 

While they are independent, they are not alone. They are able to access significant resources and talents throughout our network in order to deliver the most effective bespoke solutions to their clients. 

We deliver big firm talents and capabilities without the big firm cost.

Ready to successfully engage and innovate?

Let’s start with a discussion about potential performance improvements and your first steps.