Business leaders don’t have to choose profit over planet.

Let us be clear on where EISA stands. By any measure, the current climate and sustainability conversation is an abject failure. With that said, we applaud the efforts of sustainability leaders and celebrate the businesses who are in the process of change or made a successful transition to sustainability.

Understanding the root cause of our dilemma is important. We believe our abject failure is linked directly to the fact that our brains are exquisitely tuned to respond to immediate dangers, not long-term threats. That is why climate change is such an insidious threat, it’s a long-term danger. It is also why the response to COVID 19 is going to be far more costly to all of us than it needed to be.   

In order for business leaders to help effectively change their future path, the right question must be asked. We suggest the question to be as follows: How can I address the threats in my business today, so that it not only helps me to achieve more success immediately with less effort, but it helps the collective global community to overcome the long-term threats the planet and humans face?

You don’t need to choose between your business success, sustainability and our planet, it’s a false dilemma. We can demonstrate and prove why!

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”

– Stephen Hawking

 The world’s largest energy management as a service (EMaaS)  project located in Tampa Bay, Florida USA. Valued at an estimated $500 million USD.


Gain a new perspective on sustainability. Better questions deliver better results.

A Significant Threat

Sustainability procurement is and will become a major issue for leaders. It’s already happening.

Making The Invisible, Visible

Discover how energy management can be a catalyst for significant and positive culture change.

Let’s make our invisible, visible!

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