Are you using the four lenses of innovation!

When energy is evaluated through existing paradigms, it’s easy to understand why business leaders fail to capture significant  performance improvement opportunities by viewing them through the four lenses of innovation as described by author, Roman Gibson.

1. Challenge the orthodoxies.
2. Seek out trends early.
3. Take advantage of every resource you have.
4. Understand your customer’s latent needs.

We can think of no better case study that demonstrates the power of looking at energy through the four lenses of innovation. Minimise USA, a network partner, is delivering something truly remarkable. 

Don’t allow traditional energy management paradigms to limit your performance improvement opportunities.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”

 – Stephen Hawking

The world’s largest energy management as a service (EMaaS) project. Valued at an estimated $500 million U.S.

Let’s make our invisible, visible!

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