See things from a 3D perspective and turn your physical world into a high-definition virtual world.

3D imaging technology fundamentally changes how business leaders interact with service providers and customers. This end to end site communication tool provides an accurate and immersive digital twin of any facility. It significantly reduces time and cost when all facility and equipment management value streams are evaluated.

Imagine a maintenance manager who needs work done in their facility and must engage a vendor to do the work. Instead of conducting a face to face meeting, they setup an online meeting  and take the vendor on a virtual tour. A process far more efficient and convenient for everyone.

There are many other beneficial services to exploit, such as embedding annotations through a tagging feature, producing schematic floor plans with the push of a button, or measuring any aspect of a facility, all without having to walk through a facility.

The 3D imaging platform helps to realize a spaces’ full potential by visualizing it in 3D and making everyday tasks such as capturing, inspecting, documenting, and sharing information quicker and easier.

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