Let’s start at the beginning

Every one of our clients and their projects are unique, buy they all start with one thing in common. Marketplace pressures are forcing them leaders to deliver improver business performance with fewer resources.

Most business leaders don’t believe they have enough time to strategize about responding to their business disruption. This results in the failure to tackle costly engagement and innovation challenges. The answer for most. Seek out help or risk the consequences of failing to act in a timely manner.

If you are facing challenges and must improve your business performance, contact us and find out what we can do to help you achieve more success with less effort.

No Pain. No Change.

Let’s be honest, human nature is to avoid the pain of change unless we just can’t live with our current circumstances. We are great at reacting to immediate dangers, but when a threat to our business or personal lives happens gradually over time, we are like a deer stuck in the headlights.

You can be the exceptional leader and develop new and empowering habits that help you to eliminate existing challenges, identify potential business blind spots, or overcome limiting paradigms.   

More success with less effort.  

We know, many of you are thinking: How can I accomplish more with less? You are already working crazy hours and not getting enough done with your existing resources. What are these guys smoking, right?

The answer: We are not saddled with your existing paradigms because we are not immersed in your business every day. You can’t see the forest for the trees, so another advantage is that our alliance members have specialized training, experience and insights to help make what seems impossible, a reality.

Your challenge: You need to significantly improve this ready-to-assemble furniture packaging department’s performance. What do you do?

Is your team rowing in the same direction?

We are creatures of habit and routine, regardless of who we are and how talented we may be. Unfortunately, having the right habits that consistently deliver exceptional results is not innate.

If you are not getting the consistent results you want, we can guarantee that your people are not practicing the right fundamentals. The great news: Fundamentals can be taught, practiced, and become part of your team’s autonomic systems.

Waste elimination, waste prevention, resource life extention.

The governmental pressures associated with the need for businesses to adopt sustainability practices is becoming more overwhelming every day. Sorry, but that isn’t going to change. However, you can overcome the sustainability paradigm and hype.

Our alliance partners, powered by their expertise and the EISA Performance Platform deliver results.  They deliver bespoke solutions that are based on the fundamental practices of waste elimination, waste prevention and resource life extension. We guarantee that our approach delivers significantly better results than any sustainability program available to business leaders today.

Learning to see.

Learning to See: A great phrase and great book made popular by Mike Rother and John Shook, which breaks down the important concepts of value-stream mapping. It is a formal process for developing current state value-stream maps of service or production processes in order to visually identify all sources of waste. The ultimate goal: Create more efficient processes that are free of as much waste as possible.

EISA has taken the phrase, Learning to See, and designed an all encompassing and powerful training and knowledge transfer program that goes well beyond value-stream mapping. Our goal: Business and personal performance improvement throughout your entire company.

Engagement and Innovation.

The challenge: An overwhelming percentage of business leaders believe investments in culture can’t be measured. With businesses in North America losing an estimated $600 billion USD a year as a result of poor engagement and innovation levels, we believe it is time for a change that turns around this limiting paradigm.

Our team tackled the challenge in 2019 by creating EISA Performance, an IoT (Internet of Things) platform designed to increase engagement and innovation levels and measure results in real-time. In the hands of our alliance members, it is a very powerful tool that provides critical data that allows for the right actions to be taken.

The evidence and the choice is clear: Engage and innovate, or die!

Business and career killers.

It is estimated that over the next 10 years, more change will occur than what took place in the prior 10,000 years thanks to exponential advances in science and technology. The resulting impact will be that organizational agility presents an existential threat for most businesses. As the pace of change accelerates, business leaders are going to need to adapt and find ways to tackle deep-rooted paradigms within their culture and people.

Our team believes that preparing businesses to meet the challenges that the future holds doesn’t have to be particularly costly or difficult when a few simple shifts in thinking are applied. One way to attack the challenges: Ensure you have an outside perspective that isn’t saddled with your existing paradigms. Unforeseen paradigm changes are business and career killers that are silent but always lurking around. EISA members can help you navigate paradigm shifts and leverage your company’s innate strengths.

Engage with one of our alliance members to discover how they can help you adapt and successfully lead your team into the changes of tomorrow and beyond.

Ready to successfully engage and innovate?

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